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Climate change and the people’s health: the need to exit the consumptagenic system



Changements climatiques: quels impacts sur la santé des travailleur•euse•s ?


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The International Network on Children’s Health, Environment and Safety (INCHES) launches a 2nd International Film Competition on Health and Environment called “Focus on Children in a Healthy Environment” with themes “Climate” and “Environmental Health” .
The nominated films and winners of two categories will be shown at international conferences and at the 10th International Conference on Children’s Environment and Health in the Netherlands: (22nd – 24th April 2020). There are cash prizes up to € 2500 for the winners of two categories of films/videos: We will use YouTube or DVD’s for submission of the films. Competition’s rules and regulations can be read at http://inchesnetwork.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/rules-and-regulations-2020.doc

Wichtig: Deadline ist der 1. März 2020

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World failing to provide children with a healthy life and a climate fit for their future: WHO-UNICEF-Lancet


WHO-UNICEF und Lancet haben sich zusammengeschlossen und den Fokus auf die junge Generation im Zusammenhang mit dem Klimawandel gelegt.

Hier geht’s zum Report:


A manifesto for immediate action on child and adolescent health

(Auszug von Website)
To protect children, the independent Commission authors call for a new global movement driven by and for children. Specific recommendations include:

1.    Stop CO2 emissions with the utmost urgency, to ensure children have a future on this planet;
2.    Place children and adolescents at the centre of our efforts to achieve sustainable development;
3.    New policies and investment in all sectors to work towards child health and rights;
4.    Incorporate children’s voices into policy decisions;
5.    Tighten national regulation of harmful commercial marketing, supported by a new Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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5 Key Actions for COP25 to Bolster Global Health


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Lancet Countdown